Open Science

Recombinant DNA Built by the Haynes Lab

Collection: Mammalian Basic Parts
Contributor(s): Former, present, and future members of the Haynes lab
Annotated sequences: Benchling

Collection: CRISPR Editing in Chromatin
Publication(s): Daer 2016, Daer 2020
Contributor(s): R. Daer, C. Barrett, F. Hamna
Annotated sequences: UAS-Tk-luciferase transgene (Benchling), fusion regulator proteins (Benchling)
Available at DNASU: pU6-(BbsI)_CBh-Cas9-T2A-EGFP (UnSC00746685), Gal4-p65_MV1 (UnSC00746686)

Collection: Gene Reactivation in Closed Chromatin
Publication(s): Barrett 2020
Contributor(s): C. Barrett
Annotated sequences: Benchling
Available at DNASU: p65_MV14 (HsCD00812387), MV14 (HaCD00812388)

Collection: Chromatin Sensor-Actuator, monovalent PcTF
Publication(s): Haynes 2011, Nyer 2017, Olney 2018
Contributor(s): K. Haynes
Annotated sequences: Benchling
Available at DNASU: PcTF_MV2 (ReCD00812741), PcΔTF_MV2 (ReCD00812742), PcTFΔ_MV2 (ReCD00812743)

Collection: Chromatin Sensor-Actuators, bivalent PcTF
Publication(s): Tekel 2017, Tekel 2018, Williams 2023 (bioRxiv)
Contributor(s): S. Tekel, D. Vargas, H. Priode
Annotated sequences: Benchling

Collection: Quorum Sensing Signal Senders and Receivers
Publication(s): QS signal senders: Daer 2018, QS signal receivers: Tekel 2019
Contributor(s): QS signal senders: R. Daer, B. Dennison, E. Luna, J. Wu, J. Xu; QS signal receivers: C. Connot, B. Lopez, A. Mani, C.L. Smith, S.J. Tekel, X. Livingstone
Annotated sequences: Benchling
Also described here: iGEM 2016, iGEM 2017

Deep Sequencing Data

Transcriptome-wide response to synthetic chromatin protein PcTF
Contributor(s): K. Haynes
Publication: Nyer DB et al. (2017) Regulation of cancer epigenomes with a histone-binding synthetic transcription factor. Nature Genomic Medicine.
Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO): Accession Number GSE94120

Transcriptome-wide response to synthetic chromatin protein PcTF: Breast Cancer
Contributor(s): K.C. Olney, K. Haynes
Publication: Olney KC et al. (2018) Activation of tumor suppressor genes in breast cancer cells by a synthetic chromatin effector. BMC Systems Biology.
Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO): Accession Number GSE103520

mRNA-seq of PTC-028 treated fusion-positive rhabdomyosarcoma cells
Contributor(s): C. Shields, K. Haynes, R.W. Schnepp
Publication: (pending)
Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO): Accession Number GSE176520